10 Multipurpose CSS3 and HTML5 Templates for Websites

Looking for adaptive and powerful multipurpose templates for websites? Check these 10 multipurpose CSS3 and HTML5 templates you can use!

Regardless of their niche, all business companies aim towards improving efficiency and productivity. By taking care of the resources and maximizing productivity, sales and profits will increase. Even if it is for a small scale, this rule always applies.

The features, tools, add-ons, and plugins are limitless when it comes to website design and development. A smart financial decision would be not to buy each tool or feature individually, but to find a combination of tools or features, a package that includes all the features you need. The truth is that you need to find as many essential features as possible. Just like their name suggests, the multipurpose website templates can offer you that type of service - they can accommodate all market niches and fill almost any role.

However, when the landscape changes, and an urgent need for update or modification arise, you need to ensure that your new website won’t be put in jeopardize or left behind. A multipurpose template is like a lump of clay, it is ready to be adapted or shaped into something else and something more useful.

The multipurpose themes have their specific attributes and individual flavors and still, the core principle is the same - no specific requirement or need left unsatisfied. From fully responsive layouts and practical mega menus, you can choose features and tools from a huge toolkit.

In this article, we are going to present you some of the best multipurpose templates for websites you can use to build your new professional or business websites.

Here are 10 CSS3 and HTML5 templates:

  1. Pillar - If you are looking for a great multipurpose website template, look no further as this is the best one! Clean and modern, the layout can be displayed on smartphones, tablets, and desktop PCs. This theme is fully responsive.
  2. Pages - This is a very powerful and adaptive HTML5 template which offers a lot of practical features. This template has 20 different web designs and all can be used for the price of one.
  3. Pivot - This is a multipurpose and versatile theme that is based on Bootstrap. This theme can be used for business, education, agency, portfolio, and resume web applications. The layouts offer full mobile compatibility and they can all work with desktop PCs, tablets, laptops, and smartphones.
  4. Intense - This is a fully responsive multipurpose template that offers absolutely everything you need to launch a company website, a personal blog or an online store. It is extremely dynamic and flexible.
  1. Cumulo - This is a very popular theme for those who appreciate design and quality. This template has versatile features, and it is perfectly capable of adjusting to all websites.
  2. YAMEN - When you look at this template, the first thing that will come to your mind is how professional this template looks. We all know that even visitors and customers respond well to professional design as it inspires stability and trust.
  3. Jango - This is a very professional and streamlined HTML template. It is modern, versatile, and can easily adapt to any online business niche.
  4. Foundry - An adaptable, top-quality, and modern theme that never ceases to impress. You can use it for business or personal web pages.
  5. Canvas - This template enables you to create a special and personalized experience that perfectly matches your vision.
  6.  Hasta - This is a professional multipurpose template that can improve your online experience. It offers over 30 multiple inner pages, multiple layout variations, and amazing slideshows.


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